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Say Hi to Your Neighbors
I really love taking walks outside and since the weather was sunny for a change, I went for my usual stroll around the neighborhood this afternoon. (Sounds cheesy I know, but it's really what I do every afternoon I'm at home!)

As I was approaching the intersection near my house, one of my neighbors who lives in a huse that I see pretty much every day, approached me. He was an elderly man, but was still clearly capable and crossed the street to greet me. Apparently, he's been living in the neighborhood since they built my elementary school just down the block (which I think was probably sometime around 1950-60's?), and the giant tree in his backyard was the one he had planted originally.

He told me that he had the pleasure of watching me and my sister grow up since we moved in down the street, and that he just wanted to thank me for that. 

We talked briefly, before I thanked him for his compliments and wished him well as he headed back across the street. It was the first time I had ever been approached by someone I did not personally know and was thanked like that, and I have to say that I was extremely touched by his kind words. It really made me feel nostalgic for a moment, especially since a lot of our original neighbors have moved away. Not that we really talked to them anyway, but to know that this elderly man had been here since pretty much the beginning of our neighborhood, and seen so many changes, it kind of makes me want to talk to him more.

I know that this could possibly come off as slightly creepy or inappropriate, but I honestly didn't feel anything except warmth and sincerity in his words. It really touched me that I was able to bring some joy in his life just by living my life every day. 

I'm not sure if a thank you card is a little too much, but I really feel the need to reciprocate his kindness, and maybe get to know him better, since he has been living just a few houses away from us for years. I would love to ask him what it was like 50 years ago in the area. 

I feel happy that I was able to experience this.


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